Ethics and social behavior

Ethics and social behavior of employees:

  • Tribute to colleagues and clients with optimal service delivery
  • Integrity, honesty and integrity
  • Adherence to Islamic principles, human and moral
  • Business reputation with politeness and friendliness
  • Hard to promote productivity
  • Quest for innovation, leadership, knowledge-based development

Staff Code of Ethics

Atkal to God with me as one of your employees essential to know:

– I adhere to Islamic rites;

– Islamic ethical and administrative cooperation, customers and clients would observe, as appropriate ethical indicate my moral character;

– maintain order in the workplace and fight a good battle, because discipline is supposed to represent the character, and I believe faith is to serve faithfully;

– With all of the customers and clients cheerfully greeted and escorted him from doing my job, because customers and clients are the reason for my existence in this place;

– colleagues respect and nurture your organization belonging to them, because it belongs to me and my growth and development locations;

– accurate and fast perform duties as part of their duty to know and respect and politeness through your client over time, and your time to show clients;

– discussion and dialogue unnecessary and unwarranted insistence on truth and legal comments on the terms of contacts, customers and clients would refuse and, if necessary, I will explain them. Otherwise, they are presented with all due respect to my superior;

– In the event of any misconduct, customers and clients with great pleasure that I apologize;

– I listened intently to the comments and suggestions of our customers and clients and I use them in the correct deficiencies and improve service;

– prevent waste and loss of property as a religious principle and accept social and does not act;

– for different segments of society, especially our customers, employees, responsibility and self-serving they are required to know because I serve as my service to the community.


Before God promised myself I close every day and at all hours of the appearance and orderly environment, and the discipline and courtesy to behave well and good with customers, clients and partners interact, and in the shortest possible time duties in honesty and fairness completed and if not meeting customer demand and customers adequate explanations to clear their minds [sic] and in line with the noble objectives of the company, bound to carry out the mission, principles and I now know and abide by its Code of ethics.

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